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Why Adam Schiff Should Be Our Next Senator

Schiff is a tough, battle tested leader who will deliver for California


What Caruso will do for LGBTQ

He could transform LA as the city's new Mayor 


Lack of access and accountability

WeHo City Hall is in dire straits. 


If abortion rights go, so could gay marriage

The Supreme Court might just overturn 50 years of precedent. If they can end Roe, they can end anything.


Jimmy Carter is finally getting the recognition he deserves, even on LGBTQ rights

Carter was a trailblazer, and he's finally getting recognized as one.


How Texas abortion law could lead to rollback of LGBTQ rights

Texas law turns private citizens into the enforcers of the law. Many of those same citizens could be empowered to attack LGBTQ rights.


Mj Rodriguez’s Emmy nomination is hopefully just the beginning for on-screen trans visibility

Her nomination for "Pose" is certainly a milestone for Hollywood. It also gives hope to the many other trans actors that suffered through erasure and negative representation.


LGBTQ Californians cannot risk recalling Gavin Newsom  

Newsom put his entire political future on the line to support the LGBTQ community.


Why my Mom and the Go-Go’s deserve to be In the Rock Hall of Fame (guest op-ed)

I woke up last Wednesday (Feb. 10) to the amazing news...


Why does Kevin Hart still get to act as one of Hollywood’s top leading men?

Kevin Hart is now back to getting big roles and doing big interviews...


Why Andrew Gillum deserves a second chance 


Andrew Gillum can be a uniquely powerful and effective voice if he chooses that path


Will mainstream media finally start talking about the genocide of LGBTQ people in Chechnya?

151 gay and lesbian people that have been extracted from the country since 2017. 44 of them have been granted asylum by Canada. How many have the Trump administration helped? Zero.


Larry Kramer taught us to grow up, fight for our rights & be proud of being gay

His words in the aftermath of George W. Bush’s reelection are just as necessary today.


How I found myself in the middle of the Aaron Schock controversy

I thought Schock was a joke consigned to the dustbin of history, until I saw him posing with people I knew at Coachella.


Social media & body image: A deadly combination we need to talk about more

It’s hard to talk about something so personal and honest. But keeping quiet can literally kill us.


Demanding purity tests and tearing down one of our major candidates will almost certainly result in the re-election of Trump.


Why Biden MAY not run 

Might the President step aside and declare “mission accomplished”?


Run, Rick, Run

Why Rick Caruso should be the next Mayor of Los Angeles


There’s a national blood crisis.

It doesn't have to be that way.


The US should consider boycotting the 2022 Olympics in Beijing

There is bipartisan support for standing up against China and more and more people agree now is the time. 


Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is in the history books. The ramifications are still being felt.

DADT was a moral failing for America which had a real, detrimental impact on the lives of many of our citizens.


Miley Cyrus can’t forgive DaBaby on behalf of LGBTQ people when he’s not sorry

Sometimes someone is so clear about what they think and feel that we should cast them aside for good. DaBaby is one of those people.


From Adam Lambert’s blurred gay TV kiss to Lil Nas X at the BET Awards: What changed?

We’ve come a long way since 2009, and Lil Nas X’s gay expression is proof of that.


It's time for Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to retire  

This may be our only opportunity to prevent conservatives from shaping the court for generations to come. 


Here are 4 people the LGBTQ community should shun in 2021

There are a lot of unsavory characters we’ve had to deal with in the last few years. Let's leave them there.


Why Mayor Pete is the right choice to be Joe Biden’s UN ambassador

With America's relations with the international community at the lowest point in modern history, it's time for Pete Buttigieg.


This year’s elections are about Donald Trump, not internal Democratic fights

Progressives are facing moderate Democrats in tomorrow's Massachusetts primary. But the real battle will come in November.


Mondaire Jones & Ritchie Torres could bring needed Black, LGBTQ representation to government

LGBTQ equality has transformed the country, but queer and trans people of color still need representation.


Coronavirus lockdown measures could destroy LGBTQ neighborhoods

Unclear, ever-changing orders could hurt small businesses in West Hollywood, while giant corporations have the capital to survive.


The 6 Senate candidates that the LGBTQ community should support to stop Mitch McConnell

The political party that controls the Senate on January 2021 is just as critical to the future of this country as who we elect President.


The most successful all-female rock band is finally getting their due

A new documentary about the Go-Go’s highlights the sexism they received & how they were always brave enough to be themselves.


Kamala Harris should

be the Democratic

Vice Presidential candidate

I think I speak for many of us in the LGBTQ community when I say thank you, Senator Harris.




Karen Bass’ mayoral debut gives mixed signals

How Bass can do better as new LA Mayor


Nothing Has Changed

The Dorchester Hotels boycott is still in place. 


My tribute to Sidney Poitier 

Why the trailblazing movie star meant so much to me. 


What the social media blackout taught the LGBTQ+ community

Checking these platforms had become such an intrinsic part of their daily lives for so long now that for them to be unavailable was a bizarre and surreal feeling.


Why hasn't Chris Pratt been canceled?

Pratt refuses to even acknowledge how anti-LGBTQ his church is. 


An open letter to President Biden & Secretary of State Blinken

Please save the gays in Afghanistan. You can't just abandon them. 


Pro sports have struggled with inclusion. Carl Nassib’s coming out can change that and more.  

Nassib’s coming out shows how far we’ve come toward ending homophobia in the locker room, and how far we have to go in ending bigotry outside of it.


Biden must address global LGBTQ rights. Here’s where he can start.

LGBTQ people face violence and severe repression around the world. Biden has the power to help in several countries.


If Democrats want to keep control they have to take control. It’s time to end the filibuster.

We need to break through the legislative logjam.


The LGBTQ community needs Biden to pack the Supreme Court if he takes office

With Trump's upcoming nominee all but guaranteed to receive confirmation, Biden must restructure the Supreme Court to serve the people's needs.


Donald Trump is attacking direct democracy itself in Portland & it could get worse

First it’s unlawful abductions, next it could be mass imprisonment and genocide.


The most powerful form of protest is voting

Protesting and voting are not mutually exclusive.


Parades might get canceled, but Pride never will be

Pride is much more than an event; it’s a way of life.


Joe Biden is the candidate that LGBTQ people should choose for President

James Duke Mason argues that with Pete Buttigieg out of the running, Joe Biden is the candidate that will deliver for the LGBTQ community.


If the NFL player had taken a path of openness and love when it came to his sexuality, things might have been different.

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